Transferable Skills & Events

The IMPRS curriculum involves regular Transferable Skill Seminars to help develop personal competences.

Upcoming Transferable Skill Seminars

  • 19 June 2019: Unconscious Bias (H. Völke, EAF Berlin)

    "Part-time people are not interested in careers, women are communicative, men are assertive, Muslims are intolerant, and gays are affected" – we all know such and other prejudices. At the same time, we use all cognitive simplifications because they reduce the immense complexity of our environment and combine them into manageable categories. Most of those simplifications are unconscious and have a crucial impact on our decision-making.

    Unconscious Bias is human – but it results in the fact, that we automatically find people pleasant that are similar to ourselves, that something unknown seems rather suspicious and that we take mental cut-offs by automatically completing missing information about others.

    The workshop aims at making the participants more sensitive towards unconscious patterns of thinking and showing how they influence our behaviour and decisions. They will be encouraged to openly reflect on the issue of diversity and actively tackle stereotyped thinking. Interactive exercises and theoretical input are combined to address different learning types. The workshop is conducted by EAF Berlin. An NGO that promotes more diversity in organisations – more men in care work as well as women in leadership positions.

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