The IMPRS for Mathematical and Physical Aspects of Gravitation, Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory is a joint project of:

Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)

Division 'Quantum Gravity and Unified Theories'
(H. Nicolai, A. Kleinschmidt, S. Theisen)

Research Group 'Geometry and Gravitation'
(L. Andersson)      

Research Group 'Theoretical Cosmology'
(J.-L. Lehners)


University of Potsdam (Institute for Mathematics)       

Research Group 'Geometry'
(C. Bär)

Research Group 'Partial Differential Equations'
(J. Metzger)




Humboldt University of Berlin (Institute of Physics)

Research Group 'Structure of Local Quantum Field Theories'
(D. Kreimer)

Research Group 'Quantum Field Theory and String Theory'
(J. Plefka; V. Forini, T. Klose)

Research Group 'Mathematical Physics of Space, Time and Matter'
(M. Staudacher, B. Eden)

Research Group 'Symmetries and Cosmology'
(O. Hohm)

Research Group 'Exploring the landscape of string theory flux vacua using exceptional field theory'
(E. Malek)




IIT Bombay (India)   

Research Group 'Cosmology and gravity' 
(S. Shankaranarayanan)




Chennai Mathematical Institute (India)

 Research Group 'Quantum Black Holes'
(A. Virmani)



Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Institute of Theoretical Physics
(Wei Li)

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