PhD students

NameInstitute, Primary AdviserTitleBegin of PhD
Benedikt KönigAEI, NicolaiGauged supergravity in two dimensions07/2021
Michele GalliHU, MalekExceptional geometry of string flux vacua and applications10/2020
Mattia BocchiHU, MalekExceptional geometry of string flux vacua and applications10/2020
Gustav NilssonAEI, AnderssonGravitational instantons10/2020
Mehregan DoroudianiAEI, KleinschmidtString scattering amplitudes and modularity10/2020
Hannes MalchaAEI, NicolaiAspects of supersymmetric N=4 Yang-Mills theory12/2019
Penelope GehringPU, BärGlobal boundary conditions for Dirac operators on curved spacetimes10/2019
Caroline JonasAEI, LehnersQuantum effects in the early Universe09/2019
Alejandro Peñuela DiazPU, MetzgerThe Willmore functional in Riemannian manifolds08/2019
Matteo BroccoliAEI, TheisenAspects of conformal field theory12/2018
Canxin ShiHU, PlefkaInnovative methods in scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories11/2018
Allison PintoHU, HohmDouble field theory and cosmology10/2018
André KaderliHU, BrödelIterated integrals on Riemann surfaces of genus 110/2018
René Pascal KlausenHU, BognerFeynman integrals and A-hypergeometric functions10/2018
Johannes KnauteAEI, HellerTensor networks in high-energy physics08/2018
Hugo CamargoAEI, HellerHolography, dynamical black holes and quantum entanglement08/2018
Viktor SvenssonAEI, HellerNovel approaches to non-equilibrium physics of QFT10/2017
Lars KreutzerAEI, NicolaiCanonical formulation of exceptional field theories10/2017
Julian MiczajkaHU, PlefkaIntegrability and Duality in Gauge Theories and Gravity09/2017
David PrinzHU, KreimerCorolla Polynomials in Gauge Theory and Gravity10/2016
Sebastian HannesPU, BärBoundary value problems for Dirac operators05/2016
Philip ThonkePU, MetzgerGeometric Partial Differential Equations in General Relativity04/2016
Claudia GrabsPU, BärGeometric theory of elasticity10/2014
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