PhD students

NameInstitute, Primary AdviserTitleBegin of PhD
Hannes Malcha AEI, Nicolai Aspects of supersymmetric N=4 Yang-Mills theory 12/2019
Penelope Gehring PU, Bär Global boundary conditions for Dirac operators on curved spacetimes 10/2019
Caroline Jonas AEI, Lehners Quantum effects in the early Universe 09/2019
Alejandro Peñuela Diaz PU, Metzger The Willmore functional in Riemannian manifolds 08/2019
Matteo Broccoli AEI, Theisen Aspects of conformal field theory 12/2018
Canxin Shi HU, Plefka Innovative methods in scattering amplitudes in gauge and gravity theories 11/2018
Allison Pinto HU, Hohm Double field theory and cosmology 10/2018
André Kaderli HU, Brödel Iterated integrals on Riemann surfaces of genus 1 10/2018
René Pascal Klausen HU, Bogner Feynman integrals and A-hypergeometric functions 10/2018
Johannes Knaute AEI, Heller Tensor networks in high-energy physics 08/2018
Hugo Camargo AEI, Heller Holography, dynamical black holes and quantum entanglement 08/2018
Alice Di Tucci AEI, Lehners Semiclassical cosmology 12/2017
Viktor Svensson AEI, Heller Novel approaches to non-equilibrium physics of QFT 10/2017
Lorenzo Casarin AEI, Nicolai Feynman diagram derivations of conformal anomalies 11/2017
Lars Kreutzer AEI, Nicolai Canonical formulation of exceptional field theories 10/2017
Julian Miczajka HU, Plefka Integrability and Duality in Gauge Theories and Gravity 09/2017
Marius Oancea AEI, Andersson Self-gravitating quantum systems 06/2017
Tung Tran AEI, Skvortsov Quantum aspects of higher spin gravity 11/2016
Jan Gerken AEI, Kleinschmidt Perturbative and non-perturbative string scattering amplitudes in the low energy limit 10/2016
David Prinz HU, Kreimer Corolla Polynomials in Gauge Theory and Gravity 10/2016
Sebastian Hannes PU, Bär Boundary value problems for Dirac operators 05/2016
Philip Thonke PU, Metzger Geometric Partial Differential Equations in General Relativity 04/2016
Isha Kotecha AEI, Oriti Cosmological dynamics from quantum gravity condensates 10/2015
Claudia Grabs PU, Bär Geometric theory of elasticity 10/2014
Marco Finocchiaro AEI, Oriti Group field theories and spin foam models for 4dimensional quantum gravity 10/2013
Viktoria Rothe PU, Bär Semilinear wave equations and the Yamabe problem on globally hyperbolic Lorentzian manifolds 02/2013
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