PhD students

NameInstitute, Primary AdviserTitleBegin of PhD
Lorenzo Casarin (AEI, Nicolai, Godazgar) Feynman diagram derivations of Conformal anomalies 11/2017
Adriano Vigano (AEI, Nicolai, Kleinschmidt) Fermionic representations of K(E10) 10/2017
Lars Kreutzer (AEI, Nicolai, Kleinschmidt) Canonical formulation of exceptional field theories 10/2017
Julian Miczajka (HU, Plefka) Integrability and Duality in Gauge Theories and Gravity 09/2017
Marius Oancea (AEI, Andersson) Self-gravitating quantum systems 06/2017
Jan Gerken (AEI, Kleinschmidt, Schlotterer, Plefka) Perturbative and non-perturbative string scattering amplitudes in the low energy limit 10/2016
David Prinz (HU, Kreimer, Nicolai, Bär) Corolla Polynomials in Gauge Theory and Gravity 10/2016
Sebastian Hannes (PU, Bär, Metzger, Andersson) Boundary value problems for Dirac operators 05/2016

Philip Thonke

(PU, Metzger, Bär, Rinne) Geometric Partial Differential Equations in General Relativity 04/2016

Julian Purkart

(HU, Kreimer, Broedel, Schlotterer) Algebraic structures in graph polynomials and amplitudes 10/2015
Isha Kotecha (AEI, Oriti, Forini) Cosmological dynamics from quantum gravity condensates 10/2015
Sebastian Bramberger (AEI, Lehners, Oriti, Forini) Quantum effects in early universe cosmology 10/2015
Sourav Sarkar (HU, Staudacher, Plefka) Modern Methods for Amplitudes in Gauge theories 08/2015
Marcel Golz (HU, Kreimer, Broedel, Schlotterer) Transcendental Weight Cancellation in Gauge Theories 04/2015
Claudia Grabs (PU, Bär) Geometric theory of elasticity 10/2014
Siyuan Ma (AEI, Andersson, Bizon) Analysis on black hole space times 09/2014
Michael Borinsky (HU, Kreimer, Staudacher) Algebraic properties of gauge theories with spontaneous symmetry breaking 04/2014
Seungjin Lee (AEI, Schlotterer, Oriti) Superstring amplitudes and Higher Spin Theories 03/2014
Claudio Paganini (AEI, Andersson, Moncrief) Waves on black hole space times 01/2014
Gregor Richter (HU, Staudacher) Amplitudes and Integrability in N=4 sYM theory 10/2013
Marco Finocchiaro (AEI, Oriti, Fredenhagen) Group field theories and spin foam models for 4dimensional quantum gravity 10/2013
Olof Ahlén (AEI, Kleinschmidt, Nicolai) Higher curvature corrections to string scattering 10/2013
Enno Mallwitz (AEI, Lehners, Fredenhagen) Eternal Inflation 07/2013
Viktoria Rothe (PU, Bär) Semilinear wave equations and the Yamabe problem on globally hyperbolic Lorentzian manifolds 02/2013
Christian Schell (AEI, Rinne, Andersson) Spectral approach to axisymmetric evolution of Einstein's equations 09/2012
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