Details of the application procedure

The IMPRS is no longer accepting applications.

Important Notes

Financial Support

A limited number of PhD fellowships for applicants holding a Master of Science or an equivalent degree is available. [more]


Students from most countries outside the European Union will have to apply for a visa to study in Germany. For details, ask the nearest German Embassy or Consulate, advisably before you send the application. Usually you must submit a letter from us stating that you are accepted, and a proof of financial support (e.g. award of IMPRS scholarship).

Selection Procedure

All complete applications (including both letters of recommendation) will be made known to all research groups involved in the IMPRS. A selection committee will then select suitable top candidates for an interview where the candidates will give a short (20min) black-board presentation of their master's degree work followed by a question session.

Equal opportunity and family-friendly workplace

The IMPRS particularly welcomes applications from female students. The Albert Einstein Institute has been certified as a familiy-friendly employer.

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