Finished PhD theses

NamePrimary AdviserTitleYear
Mallwitz, Enno Lehners Nearly Gaussian curvature perturbations in ekpyrotic cosmologies 2019
Ahlén, Olof Kleinschmidt Adelic Eisenstein series on SL(n) 2018
Borinsky, Michael Kreimer Graphs in perturbation theory: Algebraic structure and asymptotics 2018
Golz, Marcel Kreimer Parametric quantum electrodynamics 2018
Kegeles, Alexander Oriti GFT and Cosmology 2018
Ma, Siyuan Andersson Analysis of Teukolsky equation on slowly rotating Kerr spacetimes 2018
Paganini, Claudio Andersson The role of trapping in black hole spacetimes 2018
Richter, Gregor Staudacher Iterated integrals and genus-one open-string amplitudes 2018
Sarkar, Sourav Staudacher Analytical Methods for Conformal Field Theory 2018
Schell, Christian Rinne

Spectral approach to the axisymmetric evolution of Einstein’s vacuum equations

Santilli, Mario Menne

Higher order rectifiability

Krueger, Olaf Nicolai

The Embedding of Gauged N=8 Supergravitiy into 11 Dimensions

Kanning, Nils Staudacher

On the Integrable Structure of Super Yang-Mills Scattering Amplitudes

Kessel, Pan Fredenhagen

The Physics of Higher-Spin Theories

Gahramanov, Ilmar Plefka

Superconformal indices, dualities and integrability

Gödeke, Arne Rendall

The linear instability of uniform black strings

Fertig, Angelika Lehners

Alternatives to Inflation - Non-minimal Ekpyrosis and Conflation



PhD thesis finished before 2016 graduated with the prior IMPRS

NamePrimary AdviserTitleYear
Volkmann, Alexander Prof. Huisken, Gerhard

Free boundary problems governed by mean curvature

Thürigen, Johannes Dr. Oriti, Daniele

Discrete quantum geometries and their effective dimension

Katsimpouri, Despoina Dr. Kleinschmidt, Axel

Integrability in two-dimensional gravity

Afuni, Ahmat Prof. Ecker, Klaus

Monotonicity for some geometric flows

Ziese, Ramona Prof. Bär, Christian

Geometric electroelasticity

Witte, Christoph Dr. Schuller, Frederic

Gravity actions from matter action

Steinhaus, Sebastian Dr. Dittrich, Bianca

Constructing quantum spacetime: relation to classical gravity

Nerz, Christopher Prof. Huisken, Gerhard

Blätterungen asymptotisch flacher Mannigfaltigkeiten und ihre Evolution

Miao, Rongxin Prof. Nicolai, Hermann

Holographic gravity and dark energy

Heinze, Martin Prof. Plefka, Jan

Spectrum and quantum symmetries of the AdS5xS5 superstring

Frassek, Rouven Prof. Staudacher, Matthias

Q-operators, Yangian invariance and the quantum inverse scattering method

Guarnieri, Filippo Dr. Benedetti, Dario

Renormalization group flow of scalar models in gravity

Gudapati, Nishanth Abu Prof. Andersson, Lars

On the Cauchy Problem for Energy Critical Self-Gravitating Wave Map

Raasakka, Matti Dr. Oriti, Daniele

Non-commutative representation for quantum systems on Lie groups

Carrozza, Sylvain Dr. Oriti, Daniele Tensorial methods and renormalization in Group Field Theories 2013
Dutta, Parikshit Prof. Nicolai, Hermann

The DeWitt equation in Quantum Field Theory and its applications

Fleig, Philipp Prof. Nicolai, Hermann

Kac-Moody Eisenstein series in string theory

Kröncke, Klaus Prof. Bär, Christian

Stability of Einstein Manifolds

Rätzel, Dennis Dr. Schuller, Frederic Tensorial spacetime geometries and background independent quantum field theory 2013
Restuccia, Cosimo Dr. Fredenhagen, Stefan Limit theories and continuous orbifolds 2013
Behr, Nicolas Dr. Fredenhagen, Stefan D-branes in Kazama-Suzuki models 2012
Branding, Volker Prof. Bär, Christian The evolution equations for Dirac-harmonic maps 2012
Fajman, David Prof. Rendall, Alan Future nonlinear stability for the 2+1-dimensional Einstein-Vlasov system 2012
Hanisch, Florian Prof. Bär, Christian Variational Problems on Supermanifolds 2012
Kaminski, Wojciech Dr. Dittrich, Bianca Mathematical Properties of quantum constraints 2012
Marquardt, Thomas Prof. Huisken, Gerhard The inverse mean curvature flow for hypersurfaces with boundary 2012
Moore, Kristen Prof. Huisken, Gerhard On the evolution of hypersurfaces in asymptotically flat Riemannian manifolds by their inverse null mean curvature 2012
Nungesser, Ernesto Prof. Rendall, Alan The future of some Bianchi A spacetimes with an ensemble of free falling particles 2012
Pfenninger, Stefan Dr. Fredenhagen, Stefan Three-dimensional higher-spin gravity and asymptotic symmetries 2012
Rivera, Sergio Dr. Schuller, Frederic Tensorial spacetime geometries carrying predictive, interpretable and quantizable matter dynamics 2012
Cederbaum, Carla Prof. Huisken, Gerhard The Newtonian Limit of Geometrostatics 2011
Head, John Prof. Huisken, Gerhard The Surgery and Level-Set Approaches to Mean Curvature Flow 2011
Köhn, Michael Prof. Nicolai, Hermann Quantum Aspects and Arithmetic Structures of Cosmological Singularities in Gravitational Theories 2011
Meneghelli, Carlo Prof. Staudacher, Matthias Superconformal Gauge Theory, Yangian Symmetry and Baxter’s Q–Operator 2011
Barbos, Aneta Prof. Rendall, Alan Energy Decay Law in n-Dimensional Gowdy Spacetimes with Torus Topology 2010
Bargheer, Till Dr. Beisert, Niklas Symmetries of Tree-Level Scattering Amplitudes in Superconformal Gauge Theories in Three and Four Dimensions 2010
Brödel, Johannes Prof. Theisen, Stefan Alternative approaches to maximally super-symmetric field theories 2010
Flori, Cecilia Prof. Thiemann, Thomas Approaches to Quantum Gravity 2010
Han, Muxin Prof. Thiemann, Thomas On the relation between canonical and covariant loop quantum gravity 2010
Loebbert, Florian Dr. Beisert, Niklas Integrable Spin Chains in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory 2010
Notz, Thilo Prof. Huisken, Gerhard Closed Hypersurfaces driven by their mean curvature and inner pressure 2010
Sundin, Per Prof. Plefka, Jan Perturbative quantization of superstring theory in Anti de-Sitter spaces 2010
Tambornino, Johannes Prof. Thiemann, Thomas Analysis of the low energy regime of Loop quantum gravity 2010
Zieme, Stefan Prof. Staudacher, Matthias Integrability and its application in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory 2010
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