The IMPRS is integrated both into the regular university curriculum of its participating universities and also offers its own courses and activities.

Lecture Courses

Typical topics of lecture courses, not necessarily offered every year, include:

  • General relativity
  • Cosmology
  • Differenential geometry
  • Group theory and representation theory
  • Nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Quantum field theory
  • Supersymmetry and supergravity
  • String theory
  • Black holes and quantum gravity
  • AdS/CFT correspondence
  • Advanced quantum field theory
  • Advanced differential geometry
  • Initial value problem for the Einstein equations
  • Conformal field theory
  • Number theory in quantum field theory
  • Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras
  • String theory and automorphic forms

Seminars and Colloquia

The AEI and the participating universities offer regular research seminars and colloquia, in which the students are expected to participate. The executive committee organises joint seminars, colloquia and small symposia to create close contacts and interactions between all graduate students and research groups in the program.

IMPRS Lecture Days

The IMPRS organises dedicated specialised lecture days on current research topics. These are held by international experts and take place roughly every two months. Recent topics include CFT in various dimensions, Systematics of scattering amplitudes, automorphic forms in string theory and Hawking radiation.

Transferable Skill Seminars

Students of the IMPRS can benefit from professional training through additional courses held by external instructors. These include presentation skills, scientific writing, work organisation and proposal writing seminars.

IMPRS excursion

Once a year, all the IMPRS students and their supervisors go on a short scientific retreat where they present their research and attend small lecture courses. The format allows for open discussions and feedback on the students' work and presentations.

Mentoring and Career Events

IMPRS students have the opportunity of selecting a mentor (typically a former IMPRS member) with whom they can talk about career possibilities inside and outside of academia. There will also be regular career information events.

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